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Asalouyeh Water Distribution System Project

Subject of the Contract:
Design, engineering, and procurement of construction equipment and water transmission pipelines, pumping stations, and implementation of drinking water distribution system in the city of Asalouyeh through the EPC method

Employer: Pars Special Economic Energy Zone Organization
Consultant: Pars Farazband Consulting Engineers Company
Contractor: Joint Venture of Saabniroo-Toossab
Contract Date: Spring of 2006
Duration of Contract: 10 months
Project location: Booshehr Province - Asalouyeh City

Project Description:
- Implementation of the pumping station to transfer water from desalination equipment.
- Implementing about 30 km of water distribution pipeline in the region (500 mm steel pipes).
- Implementing the water distribution system in the region at a length of about 64 km (Polyethylene pipes).
- Implementing the full set of reducing substations.