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Tuyserkan Wastewater Treatment Plant Project

Subject of the Contract:
Construction of the wastewater treatment plant in Tuyserkan

Employer: Hamedan Water and Wastewater Company
Consultant: Mowjab Consulting Engineers Company
Contractor: Saabniroo
Contract Date: Winter of 2006
Duration of Contract: 21 months
Project location: Hamedan Province - Tuyserkan City

Project Description:
- Implementation of the wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 75,000 people.
- Construction of processing buildings, including screen buildings, the input and output partial flume unit of aerated ponds, sediment basins of sludge accumulation ponds, chlorination unit.
- Construction of axillary buildings, including blowers and electrical buildings, office buildings and guardhouses, substation building.
- Landscaping at the plant site.