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Birjand’s Siahoo Dam Project

Subject of the Contract:
Construction of the Birjand’s Siahoo reserve dam

Employer: South Khorasan Regional Water Company
Consultant: Mahar-ab Consulting Engineers Company
Contractor: Saabniroo
Contract Date: Spring of 2006
Duration of Contract: 36 months
Project location: South Khorasan Province - Birjand City

The main specifications of the project:
Dam type: Earth with clay core
Height from the foundation: 32 meters
Crest length: 352 meters
Crest width: 9 meters
Total volume of reservoir: 17.4 million cubic meters
Type of weir: free with discharge capacity of 340 cubic meters per second

Main Volumes of the Works:
Total excavation volume: 363,000 cubic meters
Total embankment volume: 873,000 cubic meters
Total volume of concrete placement: 12,000 cubic meters