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Tehran Subway D3-L7 Station Project

Subject of the Contract:
Construction of D3-L7 station in 7th line of Tehran subway

Employer: Tehran Urban and Suburban Railway Company
Consultant: Behro Consulting Engineers Company
Contractor: Saabniroo
Project location: Tehran Province - Tehran City

Start of Project: year of 2013
End of Project: year of 2018

Project Description:
This subway station has two floors with an area of 19,850 square meters.

The main volume of work:
Tunnel Boring: 120,000 M3
Piles and Ribs Drilling in the Gallery (manually): 14,500 M3
Drilling piles with a Drilling Machine: 7,400 M
Formwork: 42,200 M2
Reinforcement Work: 12,500 Ton
Strut and H-pile: 2,050 Ton
Lattice and Framing: 3,800 Ton
Reinforcement Meshing Work: 900 Ton
Concreting Work: 65,000 M3
Shotcrete Work: 78,000 M2
Insulation Work: 56,500 M2
Stonework (Finishing): 14,500 M2
Dropped Ceiling & Tile Work (Finishing): 11,500 M2